Unions and Trust Funds including Taft Hartley

4600Boehm has unparalleled expertise in supporting unions, welfare plans and Taft Hartley Funds in securing their reimbursement rights. We provide highly qualified payment integrity specialists, hearing representatives and attorneys knowledgeable in both workers’ compensation recovery and the nuances of self-insured employee benefit plans. We have developed specific policies and procedures for our welfare plan clients that includes a Zero Member Contact policy to mitigate impacts to your members. To support our clients and our team, 4600Boehm has a proprietary software that is utilized for identifying third-party recovery opportunities. Our team, policies, and tools allow us to provide dollar for dollar workers’ compensation recovery of benefit amounts that are paid by our self-insured employer benefit plan clients.

Non-Litigated Services

  • Enforce LC 4903.1 – OMFS Exception
  • Data Mining
  • Case Identification
  • Coordination of Benefits
  • Provider Refunds
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Third-party Litigation
  • Customized Client Reporting
  • Contingency Based Fee

Litigated Services

  • Lien Preparation
  • Legal Representation at California Workers Compensation Appeals Board
  • Filing and Assertion of Liens
  • Filing and Response to Petitions