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Provider Networks and Independent Physician Associations

4600Boehm has developed a results-oriented approach to strengthening the workers’ compensation and third-party benefit recoveries of our provider network and independent physician association clients. Our approach is customized to your network’s unique needs and focused on maximizing dollars recovered while minimizing the significant administrative burdens and costs associated with the recovery process. Our multi-group clients, such as provider networks and IPAs, benefit from the economies of scale created by our proprietary systems and comprehensive legal department. These case identification tools allow us to identify overpayment opportunities early, quickly, and efficiently and, when necessary, ensure they are litigated effectively.

Non-Litigated Services

  • Data Mining and Case Identification
  • Contingency Based Fee
  • Coordination of Benefits
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Department of Labor Support
  • Appeals
  • Independent Bill Review
  • Rebilling
  • Second Pass Review of Aged and Bad Debt Accounts and Underpayment Issues
  • Customized Client Reports
  • Third-Party Liability and Benefit Recovery

Litigated Services

  • Lien Preparation
  • Legal Representation at California Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board
  • Filing and Assertion of Liens
  • Filing and Response to Petitions